Agency Type: District Attorney/Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Population Size, based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau: 18,996

Agency Size: N/A

Initiative Partnership(s): West Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force; Demopolis Police Department; U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation; Joint Electronic Crimes Task Force; Covenant Rescue Group

Grant Focus Area(s): Forensics; Narcotics Trafficking; Crimes against Children; Technology

Agency Profile

The 17th Judicial Circuit Court District Attorney’s Office in Alabama is an agency serving a population of three counties. The counties under the 17th Judicial Circuit Court have limited resources, understaffed law enforcement agencies, and high rates of narcotics trafficking. In recent years, the 17th Judicial Circuit Court’s jurisdiction has experienced a rise in violent crimes, specifically burglaries, assaults, crimes against children, and narcotics-related crimes.

The 17th Judicial Circuit Court proposes funding forensic evidence extraction software to facilitate access to electronic devices and obtain data necessary for solving crimes, securing evidence, and enhancing prosecutions and convictions. The 17th Judicial Circuit Court plans to support Greene County, Sumter County, and Marengo County with this software and partner with the Covenant Rescue Group to better analyze data and provide enhanced services and responses to crime victims.

Agency Outcomes

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