Agency Type: Sheriff's Office

Population Size, based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau: 244,922

Agency Size: 140 total

Initiative Partnership(s): Municipal Agencies

Grant Focus Area(s): Technology; Crime Analysis

Agency Profile

The Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) has a staff of 140 people, serving a population of over 244,000 individuals. Lafayette Parish is affected by firearm-related crime, aggravated battery, aggravated assaults, drive-by shootings, and homicides.

Lafayette Parish aims to reduce index crimes, increase burglary and larceny arrests, increase violent and non-violent crime clearance rates, and increase LPSO’s ability to assist municipalities with case closures by 10%. Using Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (RVCRI) funding, the LPSO plans to upgrade its cameras and transmitters in the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) to provide real-time intelligence and implement hot spot policing.

Agency Outcomes

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