Agency Type: Sheriff's Office

Population Size, based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau: 382,353

Agency Size: 318 total - 231 sworn; 87 non-sworn

Initiative Partnership(s): Junction City Police Department; Florence Police Department; Coburg Police Department; Cottage Grove Police Department; and Oakridge Police Department

Grant Focus Area(s): Sexual Assaults; Homicides; Internet Crimes Against Children; Assaults; Narcotics Trafficking; Technology

Agency Profile

The Lane County, Oregon, Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) serves over 382,000 individuals, of which 30% live in rural areas. Between 2020 – 2021, nearly 8,000 crimes were reported in Lane County, many of which were acts of homicide, attempted homicide, and sexually motivated crimes. The LCSO seeks to increase its capacity to conduct forensic evidence extractions to aid victims of homicide, child sexual abuse material, sexual assaults, and other violent criminal activity.

The LCSO seeks to use forensic evidence extraction software to enable investigators to extract data from locked devices, significantly speeding up the investigative process and providing access to otherwise unattainable evidence to enhance the prosecution of violent criminal offenders.

Agency Outcomes

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