Agency Type: Police Department

Population Size, based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau: 3,417

Agency Size: 9 total - 8 sworn; 1 non-sworn

Initiative Partnership(s): FBI National Academy; Northwestern School of Police Command; Marysville School System; Valley Vet; Death Investigation Training Academy

Grant Focus Area(s): Community Engagement; Equipment; Training

Agency Profile

The Marysville, Kansas, Police Department (MPD) has a staff of 8 sworn officers, serving over 3,000 individuals. The agency responds to an average of 6,000 calls for service annually and accounted for approximately 80% of the felony reports filed with the Marshall County Attorney’s Office. Marysville has experienced an increase in narcotics usage, which has generated a rise in violent crime, specifically in intimate partner violence.

The MPD is internationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and strives for continual advancement in both leadership and investigative capacity as it works to respond to and prevent violent crime. Through this initiative, the MPD will enhance community-oriented and intelligence-led policing by deploying mobile data terminals (MDTs) to enhance officer presence in the field and pole cameras to enhance investigative capacity. These technological upgrades will be paired with additional training to elevate the MPD’s investigative approaches. The MPD will leverage its partners including the FBI National Academy, Northwestern School of Police Command, and the Death Investigation Training Academy to provide exemplary leadership and investigatory training to officers at every level. To supplement the existing community-oriented policing approach, the MPD will also launch a National Night Out event and Community Self-Defense Program. Through these efforts, the MPD plans to identify and concentrate efforts to strengthen community connections with law enforcement, increase responses to violent crime, and improve trauma-informed approaches.

Agency Outcomes

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