Agency Type: Police Department

Population Size, based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau: 11,840

Agency Size: 18 total - 16 sworn; 2 non-sworn

Initiative Partnership(s): Bear River High School; Box Elder County Victim Services; Bear River Health Department; and City of Tremonton

Grant Focus Area(s): Personnel; Sexual Assaults; Education

Agency Profile

The Tremonton-Garland, Utah, Police Department (TGPD) serves over 11,000 individuals with 15 sworn officers. Between 2013 and 2021, the Tremonton-Garland area experienced an increase in sexual assault cases affecting high school-aged females. TGPD aims to reduce the rates of sexual assaults by fostering safer school environments, educating students on violence prevention, and teaching students healthy relationship skills.

Using Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (RVCRI) funding, the TGPD is hiring a School Resource Officer (SRO) to support the needs of the school and build programming around violence prevention and intimate partner violence. This will include becoming a trainer on preventative sexual violence programs and training school staff to help lead these programs in the local high school. Adding an SRO will allow the TGPD to address this challenge while maintaining adequate staffing to provide everyday police services to its communities. Using the SRO and training programs, the TGPD hopes to create a lasting positive impact on its community.

Agency Outcomes

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