Agency Type: Police Department

Population Size, based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau: 5,300

Agency Size: 65 total - 32 sworn; 33 non-sworn

Initiative Partnership(s): Eagle County District Attorney’s Office; Mountain Youth Coalition; Avon Police Department; Your Hope Center; Eagle County School District; Eagle County Health and Human Services; Eagle County Victim Services; Eagle County Jail

Grant Focus Area(s): Community Engagement; Crime Analysis; Training; Criminal Justice/Health System Collaboration

Agency Profile

The Vail, CO Police Department (VPD), with a total staff of 65, is the primary law enforcement agency for 5,300 residents (with significant seasonal increases in population each year). The VPD is comprised of four divisions including the Office of the Chief, Administration, Operations, and a Public Safety Communications Center. The VPD reports recent challenges with increases in reported domestic violence incidents, child abuse, and aggravated assaults.

The VPD was awarded Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (RVCRI) funding to implement the Mountain Safe program – a countywide justice-health-community services collaboration designed to reduce violent crime and victimization, especially among the youth and Spanish-speaking populations representing the most vulnerable segment of the community. Mountain Safe consolidates existing criminal justice, behavioral health, youth intervention, victim advocacy, and community service programs under one overarching plan to ensure victims are not lost in the administration of justice, to avoid duplication of services, and to rehabilitate offenders. The core components of intervention plans are based on a person’s frequency of offending, frequency of victimization, crime types, trauma exposure, addictions, youth intervention strategy, and situational context.

Several key community-based partners, particularly individuals and organizations with experience engaging Vail’s immigrant communities, are unified around Mountain Safe’s shared goal of improving outcomes for victims and breaking the cycle of violent criminal behavior.

Agency Outcomes

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