Author: Community Oriented Policing Services Office

Perceptions of Methamphetamine in Indian Country: Interviews with Service Providers in Ten Western Tribes

Publication Date: August 2018

Native American tribes across the United States have experienced many adverse effects from the distribution, trafficking, and use of methamphetamines and other dangerous drugs. These effects range from higher crime rates associated with the sale of drugs, to the displacement of children from homes where methamphetamine is being abused or trafficked, to the exploitation of Native resources. In an effort to address the increasing concerns raised by the methamphetamine problem in Indian country, law enforcement and social service providers were asked to participate in qualitative interviews regarding their perceptions of the methamphetamine use and implications for crime and treatment in the tribal communities where they work and live. The purpose of the study was to determine the nature, extent, and effects of methamphetamine trafficking, distribution, and manufacturing in Indian country. A further goal was to determine what, if any, other illegal drugs or substances posed problems for tribal agencies and the programs and policies that are needed to help solve this complex public safety problem.


Substance Abuse; Tribal Justice