Author: National Policing Institute

Practical Guidance on the Use of Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology in Law Enforcement Investigations

Publication Date: October 2017

In this webinar, Redlands, California Police Department Commander Travis Martinez will share strategies for investigators on how to use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to enhance burglary and other theft investigations, while also addressing property crime and violent crime patterns and trends. Commander Martinez will discuss the practical considerations for implementing this program in a police department. A true innovator in the field of policing, Commander Martinez created the “While You’re Away Program,” in which Redlands, California citizens can pick up a laptop that has a GPS tracking device embedded in it and place it on their kitchen table to help provide the resident with 24/7 electronic stakeout protection while the resident is away on vacation. This strategy has received national attention and has been implemented in other departments across the country. This webinar is highly recommended and designed for any law enforcement agency seeking knowledge on GPS technology in investigations and those experiencing precipitous increases in violent and other serious crimes.


Technology; Investigations